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Our team is comprised of creative specialists, assembled for the sole purpose of elevating your pitch.

Layout Designers

Graphic Designers

Copy Writers

Copy Editors


Pitch Strategists

How we Work

Pricing based on creative control, to fit any budget


Our most economical package, built around quality design templates, includes one draft of pre-design for feedback.


Mid-priced option built to combine templates with custom design, includes two drafts of pre-design to choose from


Full creative control of an entirely custom-built set of materials, includes three drafts of pre-design to choose from.

Strategic Partners


Web-Based Pitches

Zoomifier’s web-based tech platform enables web-based pitch decks, opening up a world of opportunities for multimedia pitches that include video, animations, blended with static slides. They also provide a wealth of digital asset management tools and pitch deck analytics, so you’ll be more organized and better informed.  

Custom Illustrations

Christopher Ables is a professional Illustrator, Visual Development Artist and Graphic Artist with 10+ years of experience in a wide range of creative industries including film and television, marketing and advertising, print and web media. Recent work includes redesign of the Avatar franchise logo, development for Marvel, as well as Kenan Thompson.

Web Dev & Graphics

Communication Crafts world-class team of 150 developers, designers, animators, and artists provide an extensive resource for sourcing high-quality custom imagery and designs for your pitch decks. Communication Crafts co-develops reasonably priced interactive pitch websites along with custom graphics in direct partnership with Falkor Digital.

Capital Investment Intelligence

Foundational provides business owners and entrepreneurs with the intelligence necessary to secure financing from investors and VC’s. Through deep market analysis, VC focus group testing, road-show buildout, and communications management, Foundational decreases the burden placed on companies seeking investment rounds, and shortens timeframes to securing investment.

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