So what is Pitch-Gating? Well Pitch-Gating is a term we use to describe the different types of sales or pitch materials we might use depending on what stage of the sales cycle we are in. For instance you may use a one-sheet when you’re cold-emailing a potential new client, lead, or investor versus sending someone who doesn’t know you or your company a full brochure, sales pitch, or investor deck. It may seem obvious, however many companies still use one set of materials either because it’s all they (think) they can afford, or because they simply don’t think enough about what their target is thinking. If you want to improve your sales funnel dramatically, think about whether you’d open and read a full pitch on the second or third point of contact. Leading someone into your sales or pitch funnel, even if it’s an investor pitch, is critical to earning trust and time. Even in the second contact, you may want to refrain from opening up the flood-gate of information. In this video we discuss the reasons pitch-gating is so important, and the psychology behind it.