Pacing your presentation or pitch materials effectively can be one of the biggest challenge we face as presenters. Will we be in the room? On the phone? Not there at all? Sometimes we’re so focused on making sure what we have to say is the best it can be, we can easily forget that the way we say it, how it’s actually delivered on the page, and across the slides, can all effect whether our message is truly absorbed or not. Creating well-crafted pitch materials is a careful balance of text, images, and sometimes even videos and animations. Even if we weren’t born with the artistic thumb of a professional designer, or the showmanship of Steve Jobs, we can still pickup a few tricks of our own to make sure our audience isn’t bored to tears by what we’re pitching or presenting to them. In this video, we briefly explore a few ways we can use what we have at our disposal to create better pacing, and more importantly, what to avoid.

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