Software & Pitch Building Strategy

Unleash the full power of your in-house team by providing additional training that will improve their pitch material creation speed and quality. From software skill enhancement training, to visual storytelling optimization, our training programs can help increase team collaboration and improve pitch material quality standards across your organization.

Key presentation software Training

While general training on any of the software packages listed here is readily available online or through classes attended locally, our focus is on training the functions most vital to the process of designing great pitch decks. Our team can visit your company in the Los Angeles area, or anywhere in within the US* or Canada* 

*Travel charges will apply

Visual Storytelling & design standardization

Understanding how to translate your company’s message from words into a compelling visual story is a huge challenge for any organization. Even top professionals can benefit from a visual storytelling strategy workshop session. Our storytelling workshops are designed to get your group brainstorming new ways to tell your company or product/s story, providing a guided forum for your team, lead by experienced design and content specialists. Coming out of the workshop, we will deliver an illustrated digital guide-book that will serve as inspiration and direction for your team each time they build a new pitch. This workshop not only improves team collaboration, it increases speed and quality, reducing disparities in approaches, and further standardizing your company’s approach to visual storytelling.