Famed SNL talent Kenan Thompson chose Falkor Digital to create his new production company pitch deck

When Kenan Thompson decided to launch “Hey Buddy” as his very own production company, just like numerous successful SNL all-star talent before him, he needed a pitch deck. But not just any pitch deck, one that would capture his flair for fun, comedy, and newly formed brand. Falkor Digital worked to capture his brand-style, and build on iconic imagery both past and present. With the help of acclaimed Executive Producer and longtime friend and collaborator Mason Gordon, Hey Buddy is entering the 2020 market ready to take a bite out of the vast entertainment pie. 

"Greg's intuitive expression for the highest caliber presentation has been my go-to solution for project needs across many years now. Greg and his team of talented designers have consistently over delivered on expectations and I will continue to funnel as much work as possible through his exciting new agency."
Mason Gordon
CEO & Executive Producer

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