When covergirl was on a mission to dominate the beauty tutorial video space, they chose a program built and designed by Falkor Digital CCO Greg Gerosky

During his time as VP Creative Director of teen digital publisher AwesomenessTV, Greg was tasked to prove to Cover Girl that AwesomnessTV was the right fit for a program that would help the brand achieve a more dominant role in the beauty tutorial video space. Building a full-blown media strategy complete with a custom video series, supporting influencer videos and social content, along with a media offering across the AwesomenessTV brand, Greg along with lead designer Nicole Stumphauser, were able to translate a very difficult offering via a clean and elegant design that blended both the AwesomenessTV brand with the Cover Girl brand. The account was ultimately landed, sparking additional work between two brands for years to come.


The CoverGirl activation was an RFP distributed to every top publisher in the beauty space, with only a small handful of chosen publishers winning the business. The work helped to inspire the launch of Falkor Digital with the premise being, in order to build quality pitch materials, you must first be an experienced pitcher.

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