Pips La Rue builds their branding through the creation of their investor pitch materials.

On the heels of a massively successful CPG product called JC’s Pie Pops, Jennifer Constantine (JC) wasn’t content to simply bask in the afterglow of her accomplishment. JC was immediately ready to take on a new challenge in Pips La Rue, a partially dehydrated bagged fruit snack with never before seen snack-able versions of Watermelon, Canteloupe, Kiwi, and more. After an inspirational trip to Taiwan, Pips La Rue was born. One problem though, no brand yet existed for The Cutest Of All Fruits, so Falkor Digital was commissioned to tell the story of the newly created product to potential investors in the form of an investor pitch deck.


Built from the essence of the simple yet fun flavor profiles of the Pips La Rue fruit snacks, playful swirls and lush color pallets were tamed to capture the essence of the Pips La Rue brand. Engaging iconography provided focal clarity, while photo-realistic product mock-ups brought the brand from a concept in a deck, into reality. 

"I am now working on my third project with Greg. I’m so happy to have found a go-to resource for investor and pitch-related materials. From his ability to create incredible product mock-ups, to his contributions with high-level strategy on bringing brand identity to life, Greg delivers agency-quality service without the heavy associated costs and schedule burdens. Working with him and his team at Falkor Digital brings fun and inspiration to an otherwise intimidating process."
Jennifer Constantine
CEO || Pips La Rue & JC's Pie Pops

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