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Providing the necessary tools for successful pitches

You're in good company




Planning unique and personalized collateral touch-points across your entire sales journey


Stunning prospects with truly premium

interactive & static materials


Creating a truly efficient and state-of-the-art sales collateral operational structure​


Transforming your sales leads into lightning-fast

sales collateral ninjas

KEY INDUSTRIES INCLUDE: Sales Entertainment Startups Partnerships Sponsorships


Capability Slides 

Services Briefs

Product Overviews

B2B Sales & Marketing




TV & Film 



Venture Capital




Branded Entertainment

Sponsorships & Media

Live or Digital Events

Influencer Marketing

Our Advantages

What makes our services unique

Cloud-based multimedia pitches are materials that are designed exclusively for web (URL link) delivery, versus attaching a PDF or a link to view a PDF. The key advantages are the ability to include video, animation, audio, and traditionally designed slides. You also have the ability to be notified when a prospect opens or engages with your materials and data on what they viewed and for how long. Cloud-based multimedia pitch materials are the future of sales and pitching engagement, offering unparalleled control over the end-user journey. 

Finding quality freelancers, negotiating rates, managing their day to day progress, and processing their payments can be a huge headache and resource drain on your company. Also, most in-house teams whether sales or marketing driven, have other priorities and specialities that generally do not include the complexities of a truly thoughtful approach to sales collateral. This includes strategic approaches to using collateral to sell across every touch-point, copy writers & editors who understand sales collateral, design and multimedia experts well versed in the technology stacks involved, operational experts who understand simple to complex sales workflows and technology, and experience onboarding and training your team to use their materials efficiently and on a daily basis. No more  deficiencies, no more lost time, just efficient quality results… period. 

A typical design agency lacks focus and core socialization when it comes to the particular needs of your sales collateral and most are not equipped to efficiently budget your materials. They offer a wide array of services requiring larger overhead costs in order to achieve all of their clients’ broader goals. Sales collateral requires very specific talent resources and a deeper set of consultative experience. Our sole-focus is on solving the pitch and sales strategic, creative, operational, and enablement challenges your company faces: the more complicated the challenge, the better. 

In the broader sense, we exist to help our clients achieve their sales goals. We also work to arm your in-house teams with tools they need to create better pitches faster and with greater accuracy, control, and insights. We’re happy to work project to project to improve your visual narrative, and level-up the overall design of your pitch materials. However, we can also help solve your team’s scaling challenges when it comes to your ongoing pitch materials creation process. We help solve organizational issues, provide ABM material solutions, break down cost barriers and work with you to deploy new technologies that will make your pitch teams more efficient. As consultants, we help our clients where it matters most; the growth of their business.

Besides multimedia/interactive materials, we also specialize in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and PDF delivery of sales, B2B marketing, and materials. We also specialize in the creation of assets for email marketing, blog posts, case studies, and other useful elements that can be used to continually engage your prospects as well as existing clients or partners.

MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS: Zoomifier, Ceros,, & Google Slides

CRM INTEGRATION: Pipedrive, SalesForce, HubSpot, Zoomifier, Zoho, and others

CREATIVE SOFTWARE: Adobe Creative Cloud, PowerPoint, Keynote 


We can combine and integrate with almost any tech stack required, as well as assist in implementing complex automations between various required or proposed technologies. Our job is to help identify your team’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses, to create the perfect recipe for success, whether that’s low-tech or high-tech. As well as to ensure your team can properly use our solution day-to-day.

who are we?

Our story is your story

We started this company because at one point or another, we were you! Our team has spent close to two decades pitching television shows to networks, new business ventures to investors, and sponsorships to brands and agencies. We understand budget and time constraints, which is why our team is global, allowing us to gain greater cost & time savings we pass on to you, while also providing greater access to unique specialist talent. Our core HQ is located in Los Angeles, at the heart of global media arts and entertainment. We are storytellers, artists, technicians, and most importantly, consultants. 

We built Falkor Digital as a solution to the very challenges we ourselves faced as sellers.