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We are a consultative solutions company
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Our Advantage

We are your dedicated virtual pitch design
& consultation team!

A team of pre-vetted specialist talent assembled for your specific project and managed “virtually”.  We provide access to our own project management software (or can easily integrate into your own existing software solution) providing the ultimate flexibility and control over your pitch design process.

Finding quality freelancers, negotiating rates, managing their day to day progress, and processing their payments can be a huge headache and resource drain on your company. Also, freelancers have their individual strengths and weaknesses whereas our virtual pitch design teams are comprised of specialist talent  each excelling in their own unique area of your pitch. No more design deficiencies, no more lost time, just efficient results… period. 

A typical design agency lacks focus when it comes to the particular needs of your pitch materials. They offer a wide array of services requiring larger overhead costs in order to achieve all of their clients’ broader goals. Pitch design requires very specific talent resources and a deeper set of consultative experience. Our sole-focus is on solving the pitch design challenges your company faces: the more complicated the challenge, the better. 

In the broader sense, we exist to help our clients achieve their pitch goals. We also work to arm your in-house teams with tools they need to  create better pitches faster and with greater accuracy. While we’re happy to work project to project to improve your visual narrative, and level-up the overall design of your pitch materials. However, we can also help solve your team’s scaling challenges when it comes to your pitch materials process. We help solve organizational issues, provide ABM materials solutions, break down cost barriers and work with you to deploy new technologies that will make your pitch teams more efficient. As consultants, we help our clients where it matters most; the growth of their business.

Fully scalable to your specific needs

Single Project Model

Our simple project-based model provides our team of specialist talent on an as-needed basis, quoted project-by-project.

Resource Model

A fully-dedicated, long-term virtual pitch design team, working full-time on your teams’ needs alone. 

who are we?

Our story is your story

We started this company because at one point or another, we were you! Our team has spent close to two decades pitching television shows to networks, new business ventures to investors, and sponsorships to brands and agencies.

Does any of this sound like you?

“Stayed up late last night struggling to design a deck we should have had done a week ago!”
“Our designer is pretty good, but our materials just don’t seem as good as they could be.”
“I wish we had more resources to create a more customized and targeted approach to our materials.”
“We’re waiting on the marketing team AGAIN for our sales materials. I wish we had our OWN team!”
“How can we possibly compete with the majors if our materials don’t stand out in the market?”
“We send materials out, but oftentimes don’t receive a response. Did they even open them?”
“It seems like we’re always behind the ball with our materials. Like we have to reinvent the wheel each time”. 
“COVID-19 killed our mojo. How are we supposed to grow our business if we can’t even get in the room?”

We built Falkor Digital as a solution to the very challenges we ourselves faced as pitchers, challenges we know you face, too!

You're in good company