Flexible, customizable, EFFICIENT

Our service options provide you and your team with the ultimate in pitch materials solutions


Custom-built, one project at a time

Our project-to-project service combines the best specialists on our team to create custom-built, extremely high-quality pitch materials to suit your specific needs. This is the service we built our business on. Because each project is unique, we take the time and care to ensure we understand exactly what your goals are with your pitch materials and offer several budget options to achieve those goals. Whether you choose a standard design package or one of our more robust specialist packages, you can rest assured knowing your pitch is in the hands of pitch craft experts who will deliver top quality.



Your company’s own full-time pitch materials team

For clients with ongoing needs who require a dedicated pitch design team, but at a price they can actually afford, we offer our term-contract, virtual design team service. Our service combines both on-shore & off-shore models, with project management & consultative services based in the US, and exceptional yet lower-cost talent based at our partner offices in Ahmedabad, India. Our resource model is unique from others in the global graphics services community in that it’s purpose-built for creating pitch materials and B2B sales marketing collateral. Our India-based human resources team selects artists from a vast pool of exceptional talent, based on your custom-defined criteria. Your team can either work together in person at our partner’s India offices, or work entirely remote thanks to our well-defined project management protocols (TBD by COVID-19 protocols). We custom-tailor our service to fit your team’s exact needs, streamline the feedback and creative revisions process, and provide you with a team who is extensively experienced in creating compelling pitch materials.



Modular slide kit packages for ABM-style B2B marketing

Our Account Based Marketing (ABM) style pitch kits are designed for sales organizations who need to target leads with greater specificity and control. Our team will work with you to assess your key target markets, strategize on the best approach for a modular pitch deck your sales leads will actually use, and create numerous master slides for your team to edit with greater customization and less effort. Typical pitch kits range from 50 to 100+ slides, allowing for the ultimate in customized pitching, increasing your sales team’s ability to engage more effectively with the specific target buyers you’re after. With an effective pitch kit, your sales team can create dozens of targeted pitch decks from Automotive to Apparel to Entertainment and beyond!


Evolve your live “Zoom” video presentations

In the age of the “Zoom Pitch” (or video conferencing platform of your choosing), many companies are needing to evolve their approach to pitching live. Our live pitch materials team is comprised of designers, animators, storytellers, and technology experts. We help assess your current pitch materials and script out an approach more suited to your video conferencing needs. We can even provide the training your team will need to master 3rd-party software that will allow a seamless transition between cameras, video clips, slides, animations, interactive engagements, and more. The new age of pitching is digital and it’s not going anywhere soon. Evolve your live presentation approach by working with our team to create an even better virtual experience for your prospects. 


As part of the pre-creative process we help you frame your message into a visual narrative, supporting your ideas with impactful imagery as well as logical and easily digestible flow.
  • Assistance with copy distribution across slides
  • Establishing artwork direction via a customized digital questionnaire
  • Translating complex information into simple visual graphics
Photo editing and graphic manipulation is the key to taking a dull PowerPoint and turning it into something truly special. All of our artists are trained in Keynote, PowerPoint AND Photoshop, so you can rest assured that the quality of your materials will be top notch!
  • Photo Retouching
  • Photo Coloring
  • Compositing & Masking
  • Texture Layering
  • Texture Mapping
  • Custom Text Effects
Layout design is at the core of any pitch materials package we provide, and establishes the baseline of our services. Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides are all primarily layout design platforms. Additional design services that we provide above and beyond layout design are outlined further below.  
  • Establishing licensed fonts (if not provided)
  • Establishing color palette (if not provided)
  • Photo sourcing and licensing (via our paid stock photo libraries)
  • Essential branding (if not provided)
  • Core infographics (sourced via paid stock graphics websites)
  • Core icons (sourced via paid stock graphics websites)
See the difference layout design can make

When it comes to creating truly engaging and memorable pitch materials, our speciality services will help your materials stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s hand crafted custom illustrations, engaging media-rich pitch materials, or even custom 2D animated content for your materials, we’ve got you covered.





Through an initial phone consultation and a deeper-dive video screen share session, we help you establish the goals of your presentation. We then build you a package (or package options) that is customized for your needs, whether a one-time need or an ongoing service.

We currently have two pricing models to choose from.

Single Project: Priced based on the number range of slides in your pitch and the type of services required for each slide. Some presentations are simple, others more complicated, and our customized pricing ensures your quote remains flexible as your pitch materials evolve across the entire process. 

Ongoing Resource: Priced on a monthly basis with a minimum 3-month commitment. With this model you get.

  • 1 Dedicated Artist: Who will work full time for you using Keynote, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects.
  • 1 Project Manager: Who will manage your day-to-day needs, schedule your team’s tasks, handle feedback/notes via software tools, and provide daily updates.
  • 1 Creative Content Lead: Who will ensure quality control and work in partnership with you and your artist to deliver on your creative vision.

We require an upfront payment of 50% of the total package price, in order to begin the first step of the pre-creative process. We will issue a 30% of total package price refund if you decide to cancel services within the pre-creative period for any reason. Once pre-creative is approved, work begins on the design of your full pitch deck package. Final 50% payment is due prior to delivery of the final master files for your project.

That’s ok, as long as you know what your copy is, or will likely be. For clients who need assistance with copy distribution across slides, we provide that service as part of the pre-creative process. For budget purposes, on single projects we’ll agree to an estimated slide count in order to get the project started, and since our pricing is based on an “up to” range, that quote is highly unlikely to change. Once slide copy distribution is completed during the pre-creative process, we can decide together if the final slide count range package should be adjusted.

Any services requested outside the contracted scope of work are charged at a rate of $90/hr and are based on actual fractional time worked.

Our policy is to provide 2 rounds of feedback on pre-creative options, and 3 rounds of feedback on the full pitch design of packages above 2 slides. With that said, if there are instances where our team has missed a note or misunderstood a note, that will not apply against your own note rounds. If additional rounds of notes are required beyond the scope of our control, that work will be quoted at an hourly rate of $85/hr in advance, and any additional costs will need to be approved prior to our team addressing them.

Yes, our team can create your deck by building each slide  from an easily editable set of Master Slides in either Keynote or PowerPoint. There is an additional fee of $20 per Master Slide, and this option must be requested at the start of a project due to the lengthy process of converting standard slides into Master Slides. If this option is requested once work has already begun on the full pitch design, it can be quoted at an hourly rate of $85/hr.

It is our policy to provide clients with our own work turnaround estimates, which do not include our client’s own feedback turnaround time (which we cannot estimate or control). If you have a hard deadline you need to hit, we can provide a calendar for the work that will include notes turnaround times for clients that must be adhered to, if we are to meet the deadline. On average here are time estimates for each stage of an average project:


  • 2-3 business days following client signature and delivery of all client-related assets and input where applicable.


  • 5-10 slides – 3-5 business days
  • 11-20 slides – 5-8 business days
  • 20-30 slides – 9-12 business days
  • 30+ (custom timeline to be provided based on depth of designs)


  • Email Optimized PDF – Within 12 hours of final approved pitch deck
  • Master File Folder Access – Within 48 hours

We understand that oftentimes you have hard deadlines you need to hit that require quicker turnarounds. We do our best to accommodate these requests on a case-by-case basis. Some projects are simply more complex than others, and our team is only human. We also believe that the best creative can’t be rushed. Artists need time to iterate, test, experiment, and even fail. So we strongly advise that our customers stick to our proposed timelines. However, if you require faster turnaround times, we typically charge a rush fee that is calculated on a percentage basis, determined by the level and complexity of the work required and the number of days our team is given to complete the work. Our customers demand the highest quality work and need the problems in their materials creation pipeline solved, neither of which can happen overnight. However, if you are already a customer and we’ve pre-established art direction for your slides (ie: we created and have access to your master files) quick turnarounds on edits or new materials based on your pre-existing creative is possible and fairly common with our clients.